quarta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2013

Life, love, pain.

Life, love, pain
Everyday it hurts,
I ask a question
Unfortunately, I get the same answer
'Its life'
Why does it have to be LIFE?
Shouldn't there be another excuse?
Why is Life to be blamed?
Loves seems to be fading
She's no where to be found
 Pain on the other hand,
Keeps ravishing into the world
People seem to find it friendly
An easy way to deal with themselves
Wrong seems to be Right
Right is vanishing with love

No one cares they're just pretending
They tell me, no one exists
My skin is on fire
It keeps burning,
While I seek for the answers.
And when I get the answers
It feels like a sword passing through my aorta
But the more answers I get
The more questions I ask
It's life....
Why should it be? Why?...
Where are we going?
What are we striving for?
What is the 'catch'?
Or is there even one?
To live is the rarest thing in the world,
Most people.....just exist.
But in three words, life can be summed up

It goes on.

terça-feira, 15 de outubro de 2013


What's in life to gain?
Living in the world of bargain,
Violence all over again,
Dealing with the pain

When shall we be free?
Do I have to count to three?
Or just look at the tree
Some people just go on a shopping spree

Good for them, let them have fun
Going up and down looking all tan
My life so hot no fan
I've got nothing but a can

Living in fear isn't what I opted for
I just wish I could have made a plan before
Tranquility is like a fall
Unfortunately, I can't feel nor touch it.

People so mean and wicked
No heart, no confidence nor timid
Everything seems to be so liquid
I just wish I had a rock to lean on really solid

It's just so hard to fake a smile
But yet so easy to lie
However, I'm going to cope with it for a while,
And make sure life gives me no trial.

sábado, 14 de setembro de 2013

Just you.

Sometimes, it's just too much pressure.
It's hard, accepting yourself as a treasure,
But it's not your fault, people use you, just for their pleasure.
You sit down and weep, as your leisure.

Embracing the reality,
Once again, they had wounded your dignity,
However, you sit back and do nothing about it,
You keep quiet and just sit.

You've  got nothing to believe 
Fortunately, you take that as a relief.
No understanding, nor belief.
You go with the flow as you breathe.

Have you lost hope in humanity?
Have you been laid aside?
Have you broken down way too many times?
Have you embraced the reality?

There's nothing to fight over,
Neither nothing to sober,
All you got to do is rover
At least, you don't have to hover.

All the power you have is to remain silent,
No other choice but to be patient,
But now, there's no reason to lie.
Why lie? When you can die....

sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

You never know what's coming.

He was scared of the dark,
But then again, who isn't?
Yet he sat in it,
However brave,
He sat there, having no one,
No help,
Self control was his A+
Not a word came out of his mouth,
He didn't shout
Nor pout,
He just sat there,
Hoping for a miracle.
'Someone will appear',
He assured himself,
But his time was near
He didn't know,
Every second was like a blow.
His nose started bleeding,
He gets alarmed,
His hands are tied up,
So he can't clean them,
He feels useless.
'Men don't cry'
But this time, he broke that 'so called rule'
Suddenly. he looks all blue,
He keeps fighting and fighting,
And just by a second, everything turned blank.....

Have you ever felt pain?
Have you ever felt you've got nothing to gain?
Have you ever felt you've been tamed?
Deprived of being yourself?
So, you just sit there and break apart,
You feel lost,
You assure yourself, you're not seeking help at all cost,
Sometimes, you'll ask yourself, 'Is someone there?'
Can someone hear?
Does someone care?
Sometimes you'll probe,
Other times, you'll give up and sob,
This isn't new,
Now my friend, I bid you adieu,
Don't worry, It's going to be fine,
It's just a matter of time,
Stay strong and take care of yourself.

terça-feira, 13 de agosto de 2013


Whenever I wake up,
People ask me what's up,
Once again, I give them the same answer.
They make fun of me even better.
Hiding my face again, 
They never give me the chance to bargain
But it's fine,
I've accepted I'll never get in line.
This is the society,
It has built up my anxiety.
They made me lose my dignity,
In a way I don't even understand,
I never did anything,
Yet, they brought up something.
My life is stable,
I've agreed I'm invaluable.
It's not like I have any choice,
It's not like I have anything to win.
All they see me as, is a sin.
I picked up the knife in my hand 
Wrapped in my hand like a plastic band,
I don't see any other way,
The same thing happened to me today,
This time, I've decided to try,
A different way not to cry,
Cutting each line of my vein,
Hoping I'll have something to gain,
Maybe smile,
Just for a little while,
Maybe feel happy,
Just for a second. 
The deeper it gets,
The more I can feel.
And when I feel,
The happier I turn.
When the knife is removed,
It feels like a burn.
All those nights and days I've been made fun of,
I remember them,
The deeper it gets, 
And the happier I become.
I turned on the tv,
I saw someone having a testimony,
On how her life is better after she stopped,
I think to myself,
How can this be true?
Because the only thing i feel,
Is a burn,
When the knife is removed...
Locked up in the room,
Cutting till the moon,
Blood filled up the whole place.
Tears run down my face.
I try to sleep, And this time, I could.
The next day, 
I wake up astray.
Cleaning my wounds, and I pick up my jacket.
I walk around, looking all ratchet.
Looking for a sign, that I was wrong,
I see none, but I try to be strong.
Words that don't mean nothing,
Has went a little over board,
Of course, you wouldn't know.
But here I am,
Beating myself to death,
Having no one to remember me of my birth,
But as I said, it's fine,
I know I'll never get in line.

My dear friend, 
Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
Today is a gift, 
That's why it's called present
Life comes with no guarantees, 
Life comes with no warnings, 
Life comes with no second chances,
Sometimes, some questions, just don't have answers to them... 

You only live once, but if you do it right, sometimes, just once is enough. Life is beautiful, admire it, don't waste it.

quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

Stay strong.

I'm living, I'm not alive,
Don't blame me, I have to strive,
I have to walk not to drive,
I've got myself side by side.

I'm just like a tyke,
And I can be a little pesky,
But don't worry, I try,
Sufficient enough not to pry,

New in this world,
God help me!
I'm not alone, I've got him
Some few more steps and I'll cross the sea.

It's gonna take time, 
But not matter how tough,
No matter how rough,
I'm not going to decline

segunda-feira, 29 de julho de 2013


Sitting besides the window,
Supported with a pillow,
Hands on the cheek like a widow.

I know it's not that bad,
But I'm just sad,
Things are just so sad.

Going away without any choice,
The only thing I hear is a voice,
Very deep and moist.

Is this my new home?
Or do I have to make it my own?
I can't turn into a bone!

There are no clouds,
The only thing I hear is music out loud.
Yeah I know, that's sad.

Trying to be strong,
But it always turns out wrong,
I never get where I belong.

But what is done is done,
I'm already gone,
All I can do is phone.